Thursday, 23 May 2013

UAE Investors Look Forward To Building a Profitable Future

The UAE (United Arab Emirates) continues to grow their economy with great hopes for their future prospects. The country has invested tens of billion of dollars into their port and transport infrastructures in recent years along with a vision to grow their manufacturing base to diversify their economy and it has paid off in the short term with more jobs leading to increased prosperity, broadening their consumer domestic demand. This had led to a rise in non-oil exports and imports as well. All these measures have helped to grow the UAE’s economy during the European Crisis that began back in 2008.

The UAE did have a slowdown in construction during the last few years but now has revised their ambitious plans to build their economy and have revamped their efforts to get back on track to growing their economy for the future. Abu Dhabi is planning to invest $ 89.8 billion over the course of the next five years to construct more homes, schools and roads as well as investments into infrastructure projects. In the mean-time, Dubai is looking at resuming $ 1.1 billion worth of infrastructure projects that have always been in the works but have slowed down their pace the last couple of years.

Although the UAE has plenty of spending capital available, it has still managed to attract a substantial amount of foreign investment in recent years, mostly because their strong status as a safe destination for investments, has renewed investor confidence in investing opportunities in the region. This has helped to attract huge FDI (foreign direct investments) into the country, with large amounts of capital flooding in from countries in the Middle East region that were affected greatly during the European Financial Crisis. These factors have contributed to the strengthening of the UAE’s continuing economic growth and to the building of a strong economic foundation for the nation’s future.

In the UAE, it seems that everything in growing. The amount of FDI, the country's export and import levels, and a trade surplus of tens of billions of dollars, to name a few. This all leads to increased prosperity throughout the country and builds a very strong foundation for the future, putting the country in an enviable position of strength to compete in the future global economy. This is what happens when a nation has excellent leadership with a determined vision to build their nation, utilizing solid economic principles that have worked in the past.

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