Tuesday, 5 November 2013

My Review of Pacific Tycoon Container Investments

A number of years ago I was reviewing alternative investment opportunities on the internet, when I came across an invitation from Pacific Tycoon to make an investment in shipping containers. According to the offer, after purchasing a fleet of cargo containers, investors earn revenues from established monthly shipping container leases. The fact that I understood very little about the shipping industry, or shipping containers for that matter, made me immediately apprehensive. For years, Warren Buffet has cautioned the investment community not to invest in opportunities they do not understand. This has been a fundamental principle I am guided by, when choosing investments for myself and for others. Although, the fact that the opportunity from Pacific Tycoon offered guaranteed returns of 12 percent per annum, was enticing enough to make me want to review the details of the opportunity and learn more about container investments; before hastily discounting the company's offer to invest.

After carefully reviewing the Pacific Tycoon website, I completed the necessary information on the Contact page and the following day, I was telephoned by a representative from the company. The gentleman I spoke to was eager to address all of my questions and over the course of our conversation, he provided me with genuine responses that satisfied my curiosity, eased my apprehension, and encouraged me to invest in containers; as a means of lowering my exposure to risk and diversifying my portfolio. When compared to the disappointing performances that had been repeatedly delivered by global stock and bond markets, not to mention real estate and currency values, Pacific Tycoon's guaranteed return of 12 percent on a low-risk shipping container investment; offered a profitable sanctuary for a small portion (approximately 10 percent) of my alternative asset holdings. Furthermore, the company's eagerness to openly communicate with investors like myself, was a welcome change from the fund managers and investment firms I had dealt with in the past.

Pacific Tycoon taught me that the global shipping industry plays a vital role in global economic growth and that a steady supply of shipping containers are needed to accommodate the rising consumer demand from the world's developed and emerging markets. Moreover, the fact that shipping containers are an income producing asset, means that Pacific Tycoon's investors can expect a steady (monthly/quarterly) return on their investment. From my investing experience, the benefit of an investment income has become more and more uncommon in today's financial markets, where it seems that most traditional investments are struggling to preserve their investors' principle; never mind the thought of a steady profit. It is because of these advantages that Pacific Tycoon's container investments captured my attention, and have me convinced that they will continue to increase in popularity and profitability, as more investors from around the world become aware of the opportunity to invest.


  1. Hi Ahmad,

    I am very interested in making an investment into PT but I, as you said you were in the beginning, very apprehensive in doing so as this is quite different to what I am use to.

    I can see every forum on the internet saying this is a legitimate investment strategy but it has that "To good to be true" feeling about it.

    I'm just wondering how everything is tracking for you since you posted this? Any information would be great.