Wednesday, 19 June 2013

UAE And Qatar Will be Elevated to Emerging Market Status

Announced in a statement from global index developer MSC, The United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Qatar are both getting an upgrade to Emerging Markets status from Frontier Markets in May of next year. This is significant news for both Arab Gulf nations. They have both been very busy driving their economies forward in the last decade and this announcement gives justification to all their initiatives and investments made to build, diversify and grow their countries economic foundations. Some  analysts believe that in particular, the UAE’s status of Emerging Market may not last long, if they continue to generate prosperity at the rate they have in the last few years. They will sooner than later reach full-fledged Developed status as their investments begin to pay off in a big way in the very near future.

The UAE’s investments into their port and transport infrastructures has already earned them international recognition and their tourist attractions have received rave reviews from all around the world. With the other emerging markets in the East creating more economic opportunities for the region as a whole, the UAE is in a perfect position to fully capitalize on it. Much credit has to be given to their forward-thinking leadership that had the foresight to put their economic vision to the people with the nation’s population embracing it and everyone is better off as a result. This status upgrade should be very encouraging to the nation as a whole as it has been a totally dedicated and coordinated effort on the part of business, government and the work-force to grow their economy for the future and the results are already showing; in a very big way.

The upgrade to emerging market status will pay huge dividends for these two prospering countries. It is expected that with this distinction they could generate as much as $400 million in new investments from the international investment community, which will help them continue to grow their economies with money from foreign investors.

"We are delighted to see the UAE market upgraded to Emerging Markets status, which reflects international investors’ confidence in our markets and their satisfaction with what we have accomplished. The reignited interest of local and foreign investors towards DFM since the beginning of the year underlines that what we have implemented caters to investors’ expectations and the attractiveness of UAE market to foreign investments."- Dubai Financial Market (DFM) Managing Director and CEO

It looks as if everything is going according to the UAE plans to emerge as a viable contributor to the world’s economy. Officials have worked hard to restructure the country's economic foundation and invested in the necessary upgrades and improvements to infrastructure and ports, to facilitate, accommodate and sustain economic growth. Looking toward the future, I believe the investment climate in Qatar and the UAE will continue to improve, especially as officials focus their efforts on attaining Developed status.

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