Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Jebel Ali Port Investments Have Prepared UAE For The Future

The enormous investments taking place in the UAE, is a very good example of what is happening in many regions all over the world. It was recently announced that when the new terminal 3 at Jebel Ali sea port is complete in late 2014, it will have the capacity to handle an increase in volume of shipping containers of 5 million TEUs a year, bringing the annual total to 19 million TEU. This is up from the current 14 million TEU. This is an expected increase of almost 25% capacity. The state-of-the-art terminal will also have the capability to handle 10 ultra large container carriers that will carry twice as many containers as ever before.

This signifies that the UAE is preparing for a sizable increase in it’s economic activity in the very near future. They have the resources and they are putting them to good use for their future economic growth. Currently there are more than $2 trillion worth of projects in the region all working towards building a solid foundation to grow and develop. The UAE is most fortunate that Jebel Ali port just happens to be the largest sea port outside of Asia and the largest between Rotterdam and Singapore. It’s activity now and in the future will certainly act as a barometer as to how the economy is working and to date, all signs point to a bright future in the region.

These port infrastructure developments underway in all regions of the world, are all in preparation for the new future global economy. The shipping industry is responsible for transporting over 90% of the world’s consumer goods so it makes sense that the industry would be instrumental in putting in modern transport infrastructures, that will handle the growing consumer demand for years to come. To date, there have been over 140 countries that have made investments totalling tens of trillions of dollars, to upgrade their shipping ports to handle the huge increase in global trade that is expected and will be transported on the decks of the new giant post-panamax container vessels.


  1. There is little doubt that the world is now embarking on a new era of economic prosperity. We just have to get through the last remnants of the old era that ended in 2008 when the western financial crisis began.

  2. In the laws of the economic jungle the strong survive and the weak perish. The way that the global economy is starting to shape up these days, it’s turning out to be that way. Right now it looks like the UAE is strong and will survive quite well in the future.