Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Shipping Industry Shows Signs That Economic Boom Has Begun

The pending predicted global economic boom is starting to unfold. If the shipping industry’s continued growth is seen as a gauge, then the signs are everywhere. Even during America’s “great recession” and the European economic crisis, the rest of the world continued to steam ahead with their own economic agendas. Africa, India, and the Caribbean are finally starting to be seen as growing markets. South America and the Middle East are moving ahead with their economies as their populations increase and demand grows.

It is incredible to see that Asian countries are investing monies into their future economic foundations, and that the efforts are starting to show signs of prosperity, in terms of increase in jobs and subsequent consumer demand; for services and products. The latest examples that illustrate this, are the positive revenue reports coming out of DP World, for the first half of 2012. DP World is recognized as a leader in the global shipping industry, operating over 60 terminals on six continents and handling shipping containers, that generate the bulk of their revenues.

In 2011, DP World handled close to 55 million TEU (twenty-foot equivalent container units) from the Americas to Asia. So far, the company's revenues are up 12 percent, mainly because of growth in their key markets in South America, Africa, and the Middle East. Furthermore, it has been reported that DP World handled 7.5 percent more shipping containers, than the previous year; suggesting a growing need for attention to container investment; to meet the rising demand.

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