Friday, 17 August 2012

Mehran Muslimi Leads iTel Into Global Telecom Marketplace

With growing revenues and an ever-increasing global customer base,  iTel Global Group's CEO Mehran Muslimi has taken steps to ensured that his rapidly expanding telecommunications company, is prepared for the continuing growth. By reinvesting profits into building a team of industry experts, conducting exhaustive industry and marketplace research, and improving the telecom company's infrastructure, Mehran Muslimi has promised to deliver the best telecommunications services; to iTel's worldwide customers.

"Our assets, vision and experience will enable us to seamlessly manage your IP transition, while removing the need for you to invest in costly network upgrades."- Mehran Muslimi, CEO of iTel Global Group

Because Mehran Muslimi has chosen to invest in vision and experience, iTel is able to support the expanding global customer base of IP telephony users, who require communications services; such as voice, fax, SMS, and/or voice-messaging. From VoIP telephony to reliable IP Network Management, the iTel Global Group has developed flexible service packages, which are ideally suited to help the small business customer; move away from their local telecommunications provider. Furthermore, iTel's CEO has recognized the continued growth in both mobile and VoIP services and wisely included VoIP mobile services in iTel's repertoire, allowing subscribers to make inexpensive calls from their handsets; instead of using costly airtime minutes.

Because of the bandwidth efficiency and low costs that VoIP technology can provide, more and more businesses are migrating from traditional copper-wire telephone systems to highly efficient VoIP systems, to reduce their monthly telephone costs. Encouraged by the careful guidance and inspired by the expert leadership of Mehran Muslimi, the iTel Global Group is emerging as an industry leading provider of international voice services, for fixed, mobile, broadband, prepaid and wholesale operators and service providers. In doing so, iTel has combined global scale with sophisticated platform intelligence, call routing, as well as; industry leading credit management and settlement capabilities. Furthermore, Mehran Muslimi has helped develop iTel's suites of reliable, flexible and scalable voice solutions, to empower service providers who want to carefully manage their own operations; and grow their businesses more efficiently, effectively and profitably.

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