Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Africa Offers Highest Investment Return of Any World Region

In the past, few have cared to make investments in the poorest countries, in the world. Since the turn of the century, that investment approach is changing. One of the biggest reasons for the development, is the improved political stability, that has emerged.

With political stability comes new confidence from the African people, as well as from foriegn investors, who are looking for signs of economic growth around the world; to invest their money in. Africa currently is offering the highest rates of return on investment of any world region, and boasts some of the fastest growing economies, anywhere on Earth.

Leading the way for the improvements, is government and private investment into infrastructure development, in shipping port cities and inland transport routes. The increased investment in Africa, has lead to more long-term employment and higher levels of prosperity, that has stimulated economic growth; in the region. As a result, Africa has been able to triple it's economic output, in the last decade.


  1. Shipping has been widely recognized, as an important part of the long-term economic success, in the region. However, in order to remain globally competitive, governments and private investors, had to make sizable investments; into port, channel and harbor improvements.

  2. Africa has had a difficult time convincing investors, that the country has the potential, to produce profitable investment opportunities. Although as of late, investor sentiment has changed for the better.